Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tanner’s Sr. Night

Last Friday was Tanners Sr. night. Where has the time gone???? I can't be so old that I soon will have TWO children out of school, and another close behind. I love the age of my kids right now…..would love to freeze time!

Playing football this year has been such a great experience for both Tanner and Brayden. It turned out to be a great night. Shane's mother and sister came up to the game, along with a cousin Shay. I know Tanner and Brayden appreciated the support. It ended up being an emotional night. The fact that Tanner is graduating this year and could be leaving us soon was a reality check. The fact that this was a game that we all wish Shane's Father could be at was tough. The boys having his initials on their arms dedicating the game to him set us all off. We all miss him greatly. The Wildcats record for the regular season ended up being 8 1 with the playoffs starting next week. The team works so well together in part because they all LIKE each other. They are a wonderful group of kids who have worked hard. They have the #1 kicker, quarterback and team stats in defense and offensive points in 2A. Thanks so much to family and friends for their support. A big THANK YOU to the coaches and staff for doing such a great job this season. Not so much for the winning season, but more for the way they conduct themselves with the players and parents. They are a great coaching staff and probably don't get the credit they deserve. Here's to a winning season and GO WILDCATS! It's time to take STATE!

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  1. Awesome pictures, Jen! What a neat night, and yeah, pretty hard, too. I'm with you: I love where my kids are at right now. I especially felt that way the year just before Dave left on his mission. You can know that great things are ahead, but you're just not in any hurry to get there! Love you, Tanner! And you too, Brayden! Go Wildcats!!